Slab Leaks

Signs That You Might Have a Slab Leak:

  • Wet Spots on the Floor
  • Water Pooling on the Floor Around Tubs or Toilets
  • Unusual Water Standing Around the Foundation of Your Home
  • Decreased Water Pressure
  • High Water Bills

Video Camera Inspections of Drain Pipe Slab Leaks

Video inspection involves putting a small video camera down the drain to find out if there is a break in the drain. The video camera has a locater to determine exactly where the break is. These drain inspections can find problems such as broken or separated pipes and offset joints.

Slab Leak Repairs

Slab Leaks can cause huge amounts of damage to your home’s foundation if not caught and repaired quickly. Pasadena Plumbing Services Inc. can repair all types of slab leak problems.


  • Sanitary Drain Leaks under Slabs
  • Copper Water Loops under Slabs
  • Specialists in Alternative Methods of Repairing Under Slab Waste Pipe Leaks and Potable Water Systems
  • All Types of Foundation Leaks Found & Repaired
  • Under Slab Tunneling
  • Pipes Secured Prior to Back Filling Using Methods Above and Beyond code and Engineering Specs

Licensed Plumbers Will Clean Your Drains

Our service team is simply the best at providing you with superior service. Each plumber is a licensed drain cleaning expert and has proven experience, so that you can trust your situation is being handled by a consummate professional.

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