Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation

The common garbage disposal has become a crucial appliance in every kitchen. The role of the garbage disposal is to liquefy food remnants and flush them down the drain instead of having to store them in trash containers.

Garbage disposals greatly improve your quality of life by eliminating the odor of rotting food in your home, or by avoiding the inconvenience of having to make frequent or daily trips to the trash dumpster.

These handy appliances come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and power capacities. And here at Pasadena Plumbing Services Inc. we specialize in repairing and installing just about any model on the market.
How to Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

The best line of defense to avoiding costly repairs or replacement of your garbage disposal is to perform preventative maintenance on it at regular intervals. That’s because a properly maintained garbage disposal will function well for 10 years or more.

Two ways to keep your disposal in pristine working order and avoid unpleasant odors from emanating from your drain are the following:

To eliminate odors, pour ½ cup of baking soda into the disposal followed by 1 ½ cups of white vinegar. Let the mixture work together for 10 or 15 minutes, then pour ½ gallon of boiling water down the drain to clear it out.

To break up grease deposits and fight odors, mix 1 gallon of water and 1 tablespoon of bleach together in a large container or bowl. Pour the solution into your disposal, and then run cold water down the drain for a few minutes to thoroughly wash it out.

How to Repair Your Disposal

Occasionally, foreign objects such as glass or eating utensils can become lodged in your garbage disposal, causing it to jam. Never stick your hands into your disposal to remove obstructions! Never!! Here are a few procedures to follow to safely get the job done:

  • Try pressing the reset button found on the disposal and attempt to run it again.
  • If pressing the reset button doesn’t work, do the following:
  • Unplug the disposal or flip the circuit breaker.
  • Shine a flashlight down the drain and look for foreign objects that might be jamming the impeller.
  • Use a long pair of pliers to remove any objects that you see.
  • If you can’t remove the obstruction, or if you don’t see anything, try using the jam clearing tool to get it working again. Start by checking the bottom of the disposal for a place where you can insert an Alan wrench.
  • Insert the wrench into the appropriate spot and work the blades forward and backward until they become cleared.

When All Else Fails Call Pasadena Plumbing Services Inc.

We know it’s very frustrating when you have a broken garbage disposal. Although only minimal maintenance is necessary to keep your disposal running smoothly, occasionally they do break down and require repair or replacement.
If the above suggestions don’t solve your problem then call Pasadena Plumbing Services Inc. and we’ll send one of our handy experts to your home to repair or replace the troublesome garbage disposal before you know it.

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